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Our Work

Our Work

Some of Our Previous Work

In the era of #MeToo, only 28% of Canadians understand consent.

We created and executed a strategic plan for White Ribbon to not only build awareness of consent and violence against women but created an opportunity for White Ribbon to gain important insights that informed future campaigns. The campaign reach nearly 4 million people and was featured on multiple news outlets.

Services: Primary research, development of a strategic marketing and communication plan, branding and social media.

CCMW is dedicated to the equality, equity and empowerment of Muslim women in Canada, and the organization needed to strengthen its capacity, starting with its digital footprint.

CCMW contracted esbe Consulting to work with internal teams and the board of directors to help the organization evolve the movement.

Services: Development of a digital framework, organizational rebrand, strategic marketing and communication plan, Chapter logo design, new program branding, public relations workshop and website development.

Every 2.5 days, a woman or girl is killed in Canada. To build awareness of violence against women and girls among immigrant and refugee communities.

esbe Consulting designed the Portal-Pathway (www.whiteribbon.ca/portalpathway), a multi-lingual digital resource to encourage male-identified individuals from immigrant and refugee communities to embrace their role as allies and developed a framework for allyship.

Services: Strategic marketing and communications plan, creative services (print and digital), social media, public relations, website design and development.

To promote positive masculinity and allyship, we developed online resources and a series of creative assets for parents, guardians, educators and youth in English and French.

Services: Development of a multi-year digital framework, strategic marketing and communication plan, branding, social media and new program branding and program launch.

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